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In the 40-plus years I've been performing, one thing never ceases to amaze me: The ability of a song to change the mood of the listener. Why do we love the songs we do? It's because of the way they make us feel.

I perform for anyone who cherishes those beloved classics of yesteryear. The Rock n' Roll hits that played on the jukebox in your favorite diner, the ones you danced to at sock hops and slumber parties. The romantic classics that defy categorization -- the smooth, soulful sounds that flowed through your car radio on moonlit nights with that special someone. They have a lot of names for those melodies; some call them "oldies", and others say they're "classic rock". I call them "Headslap Music"-- the songs that defined not just an era but also our lives.

They say a classic never goes out of style, and that's particularly true of the songs I sing. We've all heard these fabulous tunes in one form or another throughout the years, and it's always a delight to see them discovered and reinvented by each new generation. No matter what form they take, the melodies never fail in their ability to awaken our memories. That's what Headslap Music is, and that's what I do.
Bring the Headslap Music Experience to Your Next Special Event
"Music Makes Everything Better!" That's my motto and my promise. When you book a Headslap Music show, you and your guests will be treated to a toe-tapping, shoulder-shaking, sing-along good time guaranteed to leave a smile on your face (and perhaps even a tear in your eye). In addition to great music, you'll learn more about your favorite songs with "Song Stories". Song stories are little-known humorous and sometimes heart-tugging facts about the songs I sing. Once you know the stories behind the music, you and your guests will have a newfound appreciation and enjoyment of these unforgettable songs.

It's the music that lives on the tip of your tongue or the edge of your best memories. Your favorite songs, the ones you grew up with, danced to, fell in love to. Maybe you've forgotten some of the words or the melody, but you hear a few notes and that's all it takes. You're humming along when suddenly, it hits you! You slap your head and say, "I remember that song!"


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