ken_bio From the beginning of my memory I have been a musician. I "conducted" orchestras in my boyhood bedroom while listening to everyone from Brahms to Bernstein to Beethoven and beyond. I always knew that making music stirred something in me that was -- and is -- inexplicable. I had to make music.

Lucky for me, the music world was welcoming in the 1960's and, living in Southern California, the music scene was right around the corner. I co-founded the Ken Kenny Singers and we became a very popular act in the Southern California scene. We started playing at parties then graduated to bars, clubs and coffee houses, eventually opening at the Santa Monica Civic as part of a nation-wide tour of a major national television show.

While life continued to move in a variety of directions, music was always the centerline for me. While pursuing all of life's opportunities I continued to expand my musical horizons and repertoire to include Jazz, Standards, R&B, "Good Time Rock n' Roll", Country, Blues and more. I also continue to write original material for others and myself. My performance style is smooth yet exciting, cool yet hot, playful yet meaningful.

I developed the "I Believe In Music" Show (thank you, Mac Davis!) because I realized people enjoy a show that has more than just one type of musical genre. We all have those songs that make us slap our head and say, "Wow, I remember that song!" Music has the ability to resurrect wonderful memories that may have long been forgotten.

Many people don't know that every song has a backstory or an interesting reason that it was written. Most of the time these stories are funny but often, they add great meaning to the music. I've researched almost every song I sing and bring that information to each and every show.

I continue to be excited about entertaining the audiences that are attending my performances. It is my goal to have every person who comes to see me leave the building with smiles and warm remembrances along with the excitement of having just seen a fantastic show.